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As a Landscape Designer in San Diego, I enjoy the variety of challenges my clientele offer on a daily basis. Letz Design is thrilled to be your guide through the process of transforming your outdoor space. In our experience with landscape design, each experience is unique and no two homeowners want the same thing. Everyone wants their own unique identity and Letz Design is committed to helping bring your landscape dreams to life. Besides the benefits of curb appeal, quality landscape design transforms your home life and how you live.

We specialize in turning your vision into reality. If your goal is to create a stunning outdoor oasis in San Diego, we are your team! We are passionate about creating beautiful and functional outdoor spaces that look stunning and enhance the natural beauty of your property.

Why Choose Letz Design for Your San Diego Backyard? 

We understand that your outdoor space is an extension of your lifestyle! Delivering exceptional results to exceed your expectations is our #1 goal. 

Here’s why we stand out:

1.) Expertise with San Diego Landscapes: We love what we do, and with almost 25 years of experience, we have developed a true understanding of what it takes to create thriving landscapes. The unique San Diego landscape characteristics and challenges are taken into account — including the region’s climate, local flora, topography to ensure that we create sustainable landscapes that you love.

2.) Custom Designs: No two landscapes should be alike! There is inherent beauty in originality and your vision is important to us. We’ll work closely with you to develop an understanding of what you want, then develop a solution that is a reflection of your style — as well as complement the architectural features of your property.

3.) Keen Attention to Detail: We are meticulous about details!! Why? Because when it comes to landscape design, the details do matter…down to the selection of plants and materials to their placement in relation to other features and lighting. We want to create a cohesive landscape that evokes a sense of tranquility for all who visit your property. 

4.) Water Conservation in Every Step of Our Process: Minimizing environmental impact is the name of our game! From water-efficient irrigation systems to eco-friendly materials and native and drought-tolerant plants — we strive to create landscapes that are visually stunning and responsible in the ecological sense. 

Our Services

San Diego Landscape Designs: Our design process is collaborative! We will work closely with you to create a design that incorporates your vision and MAXIMIZES the potential of your property. Aesthetics, ease of maintenance, functionality and sustainability are all factors that we consider before providing you with a design to review.

San Diego Hardscape Designs: Elegance and functionality are the two areas that we focus on to create an outdoor living space that elevates your living experience!! Patios, stepping stones, walkways, sitting and retaining walls all enhance your lifestyle and we’re here to find the right mix and placement of these functional landscape features.

Installation & Selection of Plants: Proper placement and installation is crucial when creating a landscape design that lasts for years to come. Our process includes careful selection of a variety of trees, shrubs and plants to create a landscape that is cohesive and vibrant.

Landscape Lighting: Who doesn’t love beautiful lights — especially when they serve the dual purpose of beauty and security? We will create a plan that lights key features of your yard to create ambiance and uniqueness that’s both inviting and stunning! 

Professional Landscape Design in San Diego — Experience the Difference of Custom Design

Bringing your outdoor dreams to life is just a few steps away. If you’re ready for a captivating landscape, let Letz Design be your trusted partner! We offer consultations — contact us today to schedule some time with us.


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Letz Design Testimonials

“We were extremely satisfied and he was professional and personable. We were impressed with how creative he was to deal with our oddly shaped property.”

Vince E.


“Steve did a great job designing our backyard! He used ideas we had and created the perfect design. He was professional and communicated with us each step of the way.” 

Heidi A.


“Steve exceeded all expectations. Knowledgeable, creative, informative and a delight to work with! Our landscape plan clearly showed he listened well.”

Joan C.


“Steve listened carefully to my landscape goals and translated them into a design plan that is rich with color and creativity.”

Dan V.


“Steve deduced what we were looking for, advised us on our landscape options and provided a design that met our expectations. I recommend him highly.”

Lori C.


“I’m on my third home landscape project with Steve. I find his attention to detail and creative concepts areas to be exceptional. Thanks for bringing beauty to my outdoor space.”

Edry G.



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As a Landscape Designer in San Diego, it is a joy to offer my wealth of knowledge with years of experience, my creative mindset, and a strong sense of practicality with my enthusiasm for seeing the end result flourish with proper care and insight. It starts with meeting in person at the actual site to be improved and I will take extensive notes of our conversation. I’ll also list priorities and also ask many questions as to your lifestyles and interest in gardening at this initial meeting.

Now is your chance to ask an experienced San Diego landscape designer about gardening, edible gardening, Mediterranean landscapes, water wise landscapes, hardscapes, new plants for landscaping, or contemporary landscape design. Letz Design welcomes all of your questions and looks forward to helping you achieve the landscape of your dreams.

When you work with us, expect us to take a personalized approach to bring your outdoor vision to life. We will discuss your ideas, preferences, goals and incorporate them into our design process. We place great importance on individual style and making sure that your outdoor space is a true reflection of your tastes and personality.

During our journey of designing your landscape, you will be guided by Steve as he provides expert advice along the way. A thorough site assessment that involves looking at the typography, environmental conditions and existing vegetation will be done. Once all of the necessary information has been gathered, Steve will put a tailored landscape design together that optimizes the potential of your space and ensures an integration of lighting, plants and hardscapes that is harmonious to your vision and your space.

Landscape Design Plans and Styles in San Diego

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