It’s true, there are many low maintenance plants available for San Diego landscape. All too often I talk to potential clients who want “no maintenance”…this is impossible as nearly every plant in the landscape has some requirements for ongoing care. And, I’m not a huge advocate for artificial turf…someday all that material is going to end up in landfill.

Naturally in San Diego, irrigation is a must, unless you are using Native California Plants (which still need irrigation to become established). However, there are a number of low maintenance landscaping plants that are either dwarf varieties or grown for a certain habit. It’s knowing how those plants do thrive under certain conditions that make them idea for a reduced maintenance factor.

Low maintenance landscaping plants in San Diego include:

  • Carrissa ‘boxwood beauty’ – Dwarf Natal Plum. This plant is ideal as a dwarf growing only 24” tall and wide.
  • Pittosporum crassifolium ‘nana’ – Dwarf Pittosporum. Again grown as a dwarf this plant may reach 30-36” high and spread 4 feet wide. In the right place, you’d never have to prune this shrub.
  • Nandina ‘harbor dwarf’ – Harbor Dwarf Nandina. A smaller Nandina or Heavenly Bamboo (no, not the evasive type) this plant will spread slightly and only reaches 18-24” tall. Used in the right spot, it provides an oasis of no care requirements.
  • Junipers – prostrate varieties or ground covering types. Many will spread 4 to 6 feet wide. Their growth may be slow, but there is nothing that is required once they reach their full spread.  Sit back and enjoy.
  • Succulents – so little care, so much enjoyment. Most send out spectacular blooms. Once finished blooming, cut at the base and you’re done.
  • Ornamental Grasses – take so little water and offer unique forms and textures with so little care. Each winter cut back to 6” and watch them re-grow by spring. Only one time per year care.

So before you think about doing all gravel to replace your lawn, think again! There are too many great choices to provide a lush landscape with very little effort. Low maintenance plants can offer you a care free existence in San Diego. Contact Letz Design to learn more.