In the past, a good rule of thumb was taking the sales price of your home and dividing by 10. Or owners of a $750,000 home could conceivably spend $75,000. With our inflated home prices in Southern California, this may or may not hold true. Not that it is all that difficult to spend 75K for a major landscape project, there are many variables involved.

So, when asking how much does a new landscape cost you’d have to take in your own scenario of elements. This would certainly include if the builder’s existing walkway will remain or do you want to remove it (demo costs) and revise with other materials. Removing concrete can by $5.00 per square foot…keep in mind it is expensive to pay for dump fees. Some materials are that much more… railroad ties anyone? Replacing the concrete with new concrete may run roughly $10 per square foot, interlocking pavers not quite, but close to double and natural flagstone, 2.5 times the cost of concrete. New hardscape can run in the tens of thousands of dollars.

Back to basics, the overall budget is dependent on whether your home is brand new versus and existing home of some age. With an existing home, you’d expect to pay more (possibly several thousand dollars) for demolition… remove a driveway, take out an existing patio, remove a termite infested pergola, remove lawn and you’d easily have a pretty hefty tab for demo alone.

New irrigation (even when you do a significant landscape renovation you’d put in all new irrigation) can also run several thousands of dollars. Some may consider the cost of one thousand dollars per zone (area of irrigation). With any luck if you are removing your front lawn, it is probable that you could get by with retrofitting the spray irrigation with drip emitters.

With an existing property you may be able to save some of the plant materials and may even have a desirable tree, a true gift with purchase. Plant material can generally run 5 to 10% of a landscape budget, unless of course your project is all plants and labor. But is it ever really only just plants? We often forget that you have soil amendments (compost) gypsum to break up clay, and bark mulch, stone or decomposed granite to act as a finishing touch to the planting itself.

If you are so fortunate to be situated on level ground, you are ahead of the game. A good majority of properties in San Diego have slopes. In some cases, these slopes eat usable living space, and thus a retaining wall is necessary to capture more usable space. Walls can be constructed of masonry block with stucco facing and a nice wall cap. Or the wall could be constructed from segmental block. With any heights over 3 feet, you’ll need to deal with the city and obtaining permits… ka-ching… more moolah. So as you can see this question of how much does a new landscape cost starts to show the various line items and the typical sticker shock.

Big ticket items like swimming pools with luxuries such as slides, grottos, swim jets, and spas will set your back $80 to 100K. That doesn’t include the new pool decking. Outdoor kitchens will bells and whistles like pizza ovens, warming drawings and kegerators will also top out over $10,000.00 However, if you are on a budget you just might consider looking at prefab BBQ islands at Bull BBQ that you can still finish yourself for a custom look.

ed shade, such as a pergola (patio cover) retractable awning or shade sail. Each have big price tags attached, unless the local big box store has just the right size shade sail… in most cases it’s all custom and that adds more to the budget. Again with budget in mind, you can locate prefabricated pergolas at Costco for at least half the cost.

How Much Does a New Landscape Cost?

We’ve had a rainy winter and spring this year, so the element of drainage typically become more prevalent. Adding a built in drain system will also run some extra cash depending on how long the distance is to the curb (if allowed), the type of drain grates, etc. Hopefully you won’t need to ad d sump pump if reverse gravity is factor. Typically this cost is well worth the investment compared to the costs of mold remediation or repairing water damaged stucco or wood siding.

And for your burning desire of a fire feature; a custom built in fire pit will set you back around $3500. There is considerable cost with running and permitting a gas line. Less expensive options are freestanding fire pits with a propane tank included. And a custom built fireplace will be in the 10-12K range….. lots of bills up in smoke!

A final finishing element most homeowners desire is landscape lighting. Now you can always do the more affordable solar lights, but the light spectrum is just not the same. Good quality (long lasting) LED landscape lights can run $200 each. A simple lighting plan with path lights and a few up lights for accents will add another $2,000 to your budget.

So ask again, how much does a new landscape cost? With the above information, you have a bit more ammunition to set some realistic budget goals. But wait, what’s missing here? To make all this happen, you need a landscape design, showing all the details for a landscape contractor to bid and execute. And, this is where I can assist you with your San Diego area landscape goals.

With over 20 years of design and field experience, I will guide you through the process and educate you on the potential costs of a new outdoor space of which to use and enjoy for many years to come. Contact Letz Design today for your complimentary consultation.