Poway Xeriscape with Dry Creek Bed



Located in Poway, this property had a very large front yard of dead lawn and nearly nothing worth saving other than an existing hedge on the property line. The clients were adamant that there be open spaces versus having it all covered by plantings. Thus large areas of stabilized decomposed granite were a welcome design element. Adding color with Lantana ‘new gold’, Mexican Sages and a mix of aloes offer a refuge for wildlife, hummingbirds and butterflies. Some specimen plantings of Mexican Grass tree or Dasilyiron and ornamental fountain grasses added a softening effect with their fine textures. And juxtaposed to these choices were agaves for contract a coarse texture. Agave guinegola is a featured plants commanding greater attention from other plantings. Lastly, echeverias, rock purslane or calandrinia and westringia were placed for maximum effect.

Adding a swale of a dry creek bed and new rounded boulders added interest and became a bio-swale in the winter with more rain fall. The owner’s opted for a county water rebate program and having some area to collect water in a swale was a requirement.

Some might feel that this is more reminiscent of a San Diego desert landscape, however no cacti were used and even decomposed granite can make a Mediterranean statement. Front yards can often have even more crushed rock and cacti/succulents but in this instance, the clients did want more of a blend of these plants to offer some color and softness to make it an inviting approach to their front entry.