Del Cerro Entry Re-imagined



A huge makeover is what this Del Cerro home required. New owners envisioned the need for a new flight of steps leading from the sidewalk to the front door. The house was straddling a slope with the home on the upper level and the garage and a pool with outdoor living area on a lower elevation.

The current flight of steps was a straight run of steps one story up to the front door. It was flanked by overgrown shrubbery. Scraping all the existing hardscape, steps, and vegetation a new design showcased a new entry with steps leading in on an angle and a new landing mid-flight was added. New railings added safety. The addition of new pilasters with light fixtures on top offered both ambiance and greater safety for night time visitors. Placing new, adjacent retaining walls created new terraces to plant. A big plus was a new landing to place a 3 tiered fountain.

Kangaroo paws, lantanas, rock roses and other blooming plants were used as slope covering plants and new accents in this front yard. Gone was the weedy Algerian ivy that became a nuisance in the former landscape.

Creating a brand new approach to this hillside home, the new walkway and stairs became a more inviting approach to the home’s front entry on the upper level. The new retaining walls and concrete work were an investment in the future for the well-being of the new owners and their guests. The new plant materials solved the issues of any erosion and the new plants were so thick that weeds were never a problem.