Ideal Client

Iris PlantI work with you to determine the best use of the space within your budget. After careful analysis of your existing conditions, I then propose at least two varied rough draft landscape concepts which foster the outcome of the final Master Plan. As a landscape designer, I work as your agent. I bring in a team of professional landscape contractors who will diligently execute the master plan along with my supervision. The end result will encompass both the beauty of the design and the craftsmanship of construction. My clients must value the experience I provide as well as the collaboration of other esteemed professionals. Your satisfaction, enjoyment and the aesthetic of your home’s exterior spaces are all paramount to me.

My ideal client:

  • Has “Green” Expectations! For example: is water conscious, uses recycled materials, actively composts, etc.
  • Is looking for both design and construction of their new hardscape and softscape.
  • Is someone who expects the end result to be the construction of the actual design.
  • Considers me to be an authority on artful, sustainable landscape design.
  • Can communicate their goals.
  • Desires knowledge and is willing to be educated.
  • Understands the limits on our resources and thinks globally with respect to Sustainability.
  • Is willing to look at new ideas versus what they originally considered.
  • Is someone who is excited about the process and can commit to ideas in a timely fashion.
  • Is able to express their budget goals openly.
  • Values the effort of outstanding design, quality of construction, and professionalism of what I offer.
  • Is hiring me for my years of experience, design expertise and integrity versus a low fee.
  • Values collaboration between a team of professionals.
  • Should value quality of construction.
  • Makes payments promptly.