Water Wise Landscape in Rancho Santa Fe – San Diego

Water Wise Landscape

Former lawn gives way to new expansive water wise landscape in a yard in Sorrento Valley. The clients were well beyond the days of wasting water for lush green lawn, something that is impractical when watering restrictions are in place by city mandates. Given the sheer size of the former lawn area, the clients didn’t feel the need to have the entire space covered by plants. So the end result did have a great deal of unfettered spaces that were either covered In shredded bark mulch or stabilized decomposed granite.

The homeowners did want at least one place to add a bench to enjoy overlooking their new garden space. A variety of pathways crisscrossed the entire space for circulation. Other aspects of the design accounted for drainage as storm water would traverse the entire area, thus adding the swale and dry creek bed of cobbles. This was a major factor in the design as so much decomposed granite would certainly migrate with heavy rains and storm water running across the site. Adding new boulders to the area complemented the new dry creek bed.

Water Wise Plants That Were Added to the Landscape

Plants included barrel cactus, blue chalk sticks, red yucca, sages, aloes and various agave plants. Most planting require very little maintenance if any at all. These plants all added color, interest and texture while creating a sense of space or place to the entire site. No more high water bills for this property. When lawn isn’t used for recreation and or families with young children it just doesn’t belong in a San Diego landscape design.