Low Maintenance Front Yard Landscaping with Rocks – Clairemont

Looking for examples of low maintenance front yard landscaping with rocks?

This drought tolerant low maintenance front yard landscaping with rocks design is located in the Clairemont area of San Diego. Removing lawn is always a passion — and then determining what to put in its place is a team effort between the home owners and the designer. In this scenario, the front yard wasn’t a very large space, but the clients did want to have enough interest and detail to create more curb appeal. Learning of the client’s favorite colors  allowed the introduction of Common Yarrow in a variety called “Moonshine” and also a Salvia called “black and blue” offered the two favorite colors to highlight the new front yard. Adding a small dry creek bed — along with colorful jagged boulders — completed the new front yard.

Other key plants in the front are dwarf blue fescue grass, euphorbia Tasmanian tiger, kangaroo paws, octopus agave and monkeyflower. A ground covering plant of Silver Carpet was also used to fill void areas that would only become less than one inch tall. This is such a complimentary combination of low water plants.

Many of the Same Drought Tolerant Plants Were Used to Make a Front Yard to Back Yard Connection 

In the backyard, many of the same plants were used to create a connection from the front yard to the back. Even the same cobbles were used to create a second dry creek bed which acted as a swale to collect storm water runoff. Also included is a flagstone path for a nice organic touch and to allow greater permeability. Potted plants were strategically placed along the edges of the path to allow the owners to plant either flowers or herbs.  The ultimate goal of saving water, having lots of color and very little maintenance were achieved with this new design and installation.