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Authored by Steve Letz

Lawn Versus Xeriscape

It's never to late to replace your thirsty lawn with a xeriscape. When a client wants to be environmentally conscious they will opt to remove all the lawn from their property, or maybe the front yard and reduce the lawn to a minimum in the back. I always have to...

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Hardscape Design Options

The most common and cost effective hardscape surface is concrete. Concrete has come a long way as it can now be “dressed up” with color, stains, textures, stamp patterns, and overlays. I typically tell clients I can guarantee that concrete will always crack sometime...

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Low Maintenance Plants for San Diego

It's true, there are many low maintenance plants available for San Diego landscape. All too often I talk to potential clients who want “no maintenance”…this is impossible as nearly every plant in the landscape has some requirements for ongoing care. And, I’m not a...

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