San Diego Backyard Remodel

3 Things to Consider for a San Diego Backyard Remodel

For more than 20 years, Steve Letz has been creating inviting, inspiring outdoor spaces for his clients all over San Diego County. Since then, he has seen many changes, and especially when it comes to the environment and water conservation.

It’s no longer the “basic patio”, a place for a grill, a lawn, a fountain, and a place for shrubs along the perimeter. Now, along with kitchens with ovens, grills, woks, and separate pizza ovens all under a solidly built roof that can withstand the test of time and the heat of the sun. In addition to this, we’ve all become more aware of the issue of the lack of water in our county. Thankfully, there are systems that have been developed for better management of this precious resource, as well as plants that grow very well with very little water in our climate.

If you are considering a backyard remodel in San Diego, when looking at climate and location, what are the Top 3 things to consider?

1.) What would you like to use your yard for?

The idea of a remodeled front or back yard, although enticing, should definitely come with a good amount of thought. What will you use it for today – and what you will need it for in the future?

Do you have a growing family? If so, perhaps you’d like a built-in pool – or at least reserve a space for that for the years of having your kids’ friends over to entertain. Or are you empty-nesters that travel and just want a beautifully designed, but low maintenance yard?

Or perhaps you’re somewhere in the middle and want the works – a place to entertain and enjoy for many years to come! In that case, things like a firepit, an outdoor kitchen, and multiple areas to sit may be in order.

Really, it’s about designing a backyard or front yard that will serve you and your household for years to come!

2.) Sustainability

Regardless of your age or desires, it’s wise to build in eco-friendly, sustainable elements that reduce energy consumption such as solar-powered LED lighting, native plants, and a rainwater harvesting system that can keep your plants fed year-round. Permeable surfaces, such as gravel or permeable pavers are also smart to use instead of concrete or asphalt because they replenish the groundwater.

3.) Xeriscape

Xeriscape, if unfamiliar, is a technique that we use in landscaping to focus on water conservation. In San Diego, it’s a practical and eco-friendly way to beautify your yard without wasting water. This type of landscaping involves drought-tolerant plants, mulching, and efficient irrigation systems with the goal of reducing water consumption.

In conclusion, a remodel for your San Diego backyard will be an exciting adventure that will give back for years to come in the form of memories, relaxation, and inspiration! Additionally, a remodel that includes conservation best practices for San Diego County is rewarding and benefits both the environment and your well-being.

We look forward to working with you to create a visually appealing, sustainable, and low-maintenance outdoor space. Contact us today to set up a consultation!