San Diego Landscape Design Services

Clients may choose from landscape design options listed below:

2 hr. Consultation

A two hour minimum includes a walk-through of the site with suggestions on hardscape and or plant material, basic problem solving and improvements. We will discuss budget aspects and recommend course of action as well as contractors or other resources. A listing of plant materials and a rough sketch may be included to offer a stronger visual interpretation. This is best for a knowledgeable homeowner who needs minor assistance with their current landscape.


Conceptual Package 

Starts with two rough drawings offering varied design options which are later refined to a drawing which includes detailed site work of the area drawn to scale. A plan in 2D, call outs of proposed materials, i.e. “wood or metal, flagstone, etc.” Drawing to show all hardscaped areas and include a possible plant pallet. Intended for contractors to build from (however, this plans lacks sufficient detail to bid the project).


Design Development Package 

Includes all details of the conceptual package. All sections, elevations, details are to be drawn for bidding purposes. All plant materials are to be listed and located. Plans to include landscape lighting, drainage and other utility notes. (Irrigation system designs are not included).

Designs may include:

Patios, walkways, Pergolas for shade, Plantings for privacy or attracting wildlife, Water features, Decks, Retaining Walls, Fire Pits and Fireplaces. Swimming Pools and Spas, dry creek beds and natural water features. Bio-swales, cisterns and drainage. Shade Sails, Free-standing Walls, Trellis Design. Orchards, Raised Vegetable Beds, Turf Replacement.

Different projects require different means of communication whether a Master Plan or a Basic Consultation. Letz Design offers a variety of options to meet your budget and create your landscape design plan.