Landscape Consultant

file2741312857069As your landscape consultant, I’d meet you at your home and review the areas to be updated with new landscaping. With a landscape consultant, your meeting will encompass reviewing all of your goals for the new elements to be considered. We will discuss your budget and options to work within your budget. A variety of materials will be reviewed with options based on budget. We then work up a list of potential plant materials and determine the best choices for your setting. I’d then develop a rough sketch of the area and draw in all the new amenities and plant materials.

Landscape consulting is perfect for smaller spaces, for those who plan to implement the ideas themselves. Also good for those on a restricted budget or who want to start a small section of a project to get their feet wet with the process.

This option is not intended to use to gain competitive bids as the amount of detail may not allow for contractors to bid or build from this drawing.

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