Landscape Design Plans

Landscape Design up close and personal with Letz Design LandscapeThe process starts with meeting in person at the actual site to be improved. Some homeowners have some landscaping ideas that they want to see implemented like a swimming pool or a new deck. Others look to me for my suggestion how to make their garden more eco-friendly or “green”. I will take extensive notes of our conversation and list priorities and also ask many questions as to their lifestyles and interest in gardening at this initial meeting.
I’ll showcase my portfolio of recent projects and even unroll a small number of finished rendered drawings as examples.

I do like to bring up the subject of a client’s range of budget to make sure my design reflects their sense of investment for the end result. We will discuss the absolute priorities and the possibilities of creating a design to be implemented in phases with budget in mind. Then I typically walk a client through the stages of design, starting with site work (measuring and taking photos), creating a site plan showing all existing landscape features, and then explain my design rational behind developing two varied rough concepts to offer a range of landscaping ideas for their future yard. Once approved by a client, concepts are frequently merged into one final drawing. I’ll then return to my drawing table and detail the master plan with all the elements involved. This allows both the homeowner and a landscape contractor an overview which can then be used to bid and build the new elements both hardscape and softscape involved. Lastly I’ll present the final plans rendered with color and provide examples of some materials along with photos of the selected plant materials.